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Questions to ask yourself before hosting the ultimate dinner party

People enjoying conversation at a dinner party.

Questions to ask yourself before hosting the ultimate dinner party

Let’s talk dinner parties - they are classic for a reason - food, drinks, and connection! While there’s no one way to host a dinner party, there are some things you can do to provide your guests with a memorable experience.

What should be included in a dinner party?

A dinner party can consist of a small to medium sized group (15 people or less is the sweet spot) gathering in someone’s home to eat dinner. At a bare minimum, providing the food and drink is technically hosting a dinner party. But, if you’ve ever sat at a table where the night seemed to drag on, here are some questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re hosting the ultimate dinner party.

How can I be a better host?

A great host goes beyond serving some food and drinks. A great host thinks about the entire flow of the evening, the flow of the guests, and how to provide everyone with a memorable experience. Think about things like:

  • Do you have seating for everyone?
  • What about the right number of plates, forks, napkins, and glassware? It’s always a good idea to have extras clean and on-hand. (Pro tip: You can save yourself time & money by booking a tablescape with your private chef experience on Disco! Everything you need + setup and cleanup)
  • How is the flow of your space? Can people move about easily?
  • Are there enough places to set down drinks?
  • Do guests know where the bathroom is? Pro tip: make a sign with directions to the bathroom for an extra touch

How do you make small talk at a dinner party?

Sparking great conversation among your guests is the greatest goal (and challenge) of hosting a dinner party! While it may be tempting to throw out a group text and host anyone who’s available to make it, a great host will think about the types of people who will be joining and how they may interact. You may also want to have an ice breaker - check out **3 hilarious adult ice breakers to start your dinner party and fun ways to break the ice at your next dinner party for ideas!

What’s for dinner?

Do you want to serve one, big dinner once everyone is seated, or do you want to break up the dinner courses such as mingling over appetizers, sitting down for dinner, and having dessert and cocktails on the patio. These decisions will play a major role in what you serve. Also, don’t forget to ask guests for any allergies.

Not interested in cooking? Check out our Disco businesses who will do the cooking for you and leave your guests mouths watering, like a private chef, BBQ or biscuit food truck, or have breakfast for dinner with a professional pancake artist!

How can I make dinner less boring?

There’s so many ways to give your guests an at-home dining experience they won’t forget. If you’ve already nailed the guest list and meal plan, think about adding on an experience like:

This is also a great way to get guests mingling and talking! We also love dressing up our tables with our friends at Something Bleau table top styling - it’s the perfect way to add a special touch to your party (without having to do all the work wink, wink). See more from our segment on Fox2 - St. Louis!

At Disco, we’re your go-to party planning partner to host amazing group experiences in St. Louis and surrounding counties. We know that party planning doesn’t have to suck - that’s why we want to make it easy for you to be the hostest-with-the-mostest! Find the date you want, see real-time availability, pricing and group accommodations, add on complimentary experiences, and book on the spot. And voila, you're ready to Disco!

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