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Why Disco!? Because party planning doesn't have to suck.

Why Disco? Because party planning doesn't have to be stressful.

I often get asked, "Why did you name the company Disco!?" My answer: who doesn't love a good party?

With years of party planning and software development initiatives under my belt, I founded Disco! in St. Louis, Mo. with one goal - to make planning group experiences better. I wanted an easy way to reconnect friends, families, and co-workers like any good party would - bringing shared experiences, making memories and most of all, having fun!

What makes a good group activity? 

There's no one way to Disco! With more than 100 curated experiences from local businesses, you can book amazing group experiences for groups from 2-200+:

  • Private dining experiences

  • Dedicated event space and meeting rooms

  • Kids' parties

  • Girls’ nights out

  • Corporate events

  • Health and wellness

  • Hands-on, skill-building classes

  • Team building and office happy hours

  • At-home experiences

  • Wedding venues

  • Bachelorette and bridal parties

  • Bachelor parties

  • All of this and more!

Take the hassle and stress out of party planning

Disco offers elevated group experiences with the ability to book on demand — we’re your party planner in your pocket! Find the date you want, see real-time availability, pricing and group accommodations, add on complementary experiences, and book on the spot. And voila, you're ready to Disco!

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