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Why team-building matters

Why team-building matters

Hosting events can be especially beneficial for businesses and organizations, who often rely on strong relationships between members to be more productive, improve retention, and increase job satisfaction. 

What is a corporate team-building event? 

A corporate team-building event is any kind of event where the attendees are the people in your office. This can look like a happy hour, hosted lunch in the office, skill-building class, or group fitness/physical activity and can be your immediate team or a larger department. 

Why is team-building important?

  1. Help businesses reach their goals. Developing stronger connections amongst team members can create a bond that helps them work better together on projects.

  2. Develop new skills. Give employees a great opportunity for people to learn something new. From workshops to lectures, a wide variety of activities can be incorporated into a group event to provide educational and engaging experiences. These activities can help to increase knowledge, develop new skills, and even spur creativity.

  3. Spice things up. Was the last office happy hour a drag? Generate excitement and enthusiasm by providing a fun and positive atmosphere, bringing a new energy and sense of enthusiasm among attendees.

Team-building ideas we love (and that you can book right now via Disco!)

An arcade bar party for some competition and mingling

Southern Italian Cooking Workshop at a top restaurant

Private Golf Simulator Party with built in competitions and games

Team Building day at this secluded farm property

Beer, BBQ & Spirits tasting - who can guess first?!

An all-inclusive day full of activities, meals provided at this Chesterfield fun center

A butchering class with snacks & beverages


Our top tips for hosting a successful team-building event

  1. Set clear goals for the team building event: Before you begin planning your team building experience, it's important to have a clear understanding of what you hope to achieve through the event. Do you want to improve communication and collaboration within the team? Foster a stronger sense of team identity and cohesion? Address specific challenges or issues that the team is facing? Having specific goals in mind will help you design an event that is tailored to your team's needs and will maximize the impact of the experience.

  2. Choose activities that align with your goals: Once you have identified your goals for the team building event, you can choose activities and experiences that are designed to help you achieve those goals. For example, if you want to improve communication and collaboration, you might consider activities that require team members to work together to solve problems or complete tasks. If you want to foster a stronger sense of team identity and cohesion, you might choose activities that allow team members to get to know each other better and build relationships.

  3. Involve team members in the planning process: Take a vote or solicit up front input on what the team would like to achieve and which option they would prefer.

  4. Make sure the event is enjoyable and fun for everyone involved with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Consider activities that are engaging and enjoyable for all team members, regardless of their interests or abilities.

  5. Follow up and debrief after the event: The team building experience doesn't end when the event is over. It's important to follow up and debrief after the event to discuss what worked well, what could be improved, and how the team can continue to build on the progress made during the event.

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